Starting now, all students in India can get scholarships of up to INR 75,000/ under the “All India Scholarship 2023” scheme which was initiated by the Government of India as one of the scholarships for students.

  Scholarships for students have always been relevant. But as evidence suggests, many middle-class families are not able to support their children’s education, in financial terms. Therefore, a scholarship such as this focuses on the excellent performance of the students as well as the need for financial aid and grants them scholarship money. The All India Scholarship 2023, a scheme led by the Government of India, is now playing an active role in supporting the education of students in the country, where students from all states can apply.

Details of the Scholarship 2023

  Name of the Scheme/Scholarship: All India Scholarship.

  Year: 2023.

 Type of Scholarship: Government-led....

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