Her eyes hear what the ears can’t, and her fingers paint that magic

It was the year 2012. Jyothi K. Kumar had her painting exhibits displayed at the Nepal India Deaf Art Expo at the Art Galleria Leela Palace, Bangalore.

Among the visitors there was one person who became a great influencer of Jyothi’s art. Sarah Yonzan Giri, wife of former Nepali prime minister Tulsi Giri, and an advocate for deaf rights, visited Jyothi’s segment of her gallary to see her paintings.

Sarah loved Jyothi’s art, but what she was looking for was a mesmerizing experience. “This was a meeting that literally changed my thought process,” says Jyothi.

After walking through her art exhibits, Sarah had turned to Jyothi and said that while the paintings were beautiful, she recommended that Jyothi focus on using art as a medium to communicate what she actually felt, desired, valued and wished to say.

This meeting....

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