An inhuman act during the Vietnam War in the 1970s exposed the naked truth of aggression and set off a moral wave of revulsion. Today, many more naked truths await exposure, despite the pressure in social media to gloss over them.

It was a day of horror that shook the moral conscience of the world. June 8,1972 has gone down in history as a turning point in the war in Vietnam. That day a deadly napalm bomb attack outside Trang Bang village, was unleashed on innocent people by South Vietnam’s army mistaking them for the Viet Cong from the North. The fragments from the bomb stick to the body burning it with excruciating pain.

Escaping the bomb was a group of women, including a nine-year old, who ran naked tearing away the sticking clothes and screaming, An Associated Press (AP) reporter, Nick Ut, witnessed this but could not ignore her. He laid aside his camera and took the girl to hospital and after a lot of argument had her admitted for treatment. The....

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