A mother poisons and kills her daughter’s classmate because of his academic excellence in school. (News).

There are no more friends, class mates, only competitors. The man sitting next is considered as an enemy. This is how a modern society lives and works. It is not universal, but it is a symptom of a deep-rooted malady. We see this on the roads, in the offices, in temple queues, in FBs in getting more likes, in reality shows, not to say of elections, everywhere. The soul of Capitalism is competition and the death of the inefficient.

We live in a competitive world: a nasty and unseemly competition, an unhealthy and often destructive one. Cut-throat, man-eat-man competition. It is OK if I lose one eye, provided if the other person loses both. Anger, jealousy, narrow selfishness, lack of charity and concern for others dominate our thought and actions. We want to win every time and every competition. Instead of building our strengths and skills, we want the....

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