Mustafa Suleyman, wellknown AI pioneer, has provided his vision of how AI will evolve in the near future.

      In a brilliant presentation on BBC’s TED series of lectures, he outlined the fast and amazing advances of AI in recent years and the equally fast adoption of the new technology by users (for e.g. in 18 months over 1.5 billion people used large language models) and concluded that AI would become infinitely more knowledgeable, personal and useful. It would also become affordable just as the transistor, which showed a dramatic decrease in price as it was developed.

      He envisaged the eventual emergence of AI-based digital species (companions) in everyone’s pocket, who will be fully knowledgeable in the profession of its users (law, medicine, engineering, etc.) to guide and advise round the clock, speaking in almost every language. Organisations will have them too. He said it would be more....

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