This is about adventure. Taking risks. Going wild. Seeking new experiences, new pathways, not the beaten path. Nothing can stop a man with a burning desire to explore and discover.

   We have seen in National Geographic and Discovery channels, men and women deep in the Amazon and African jungles climbing trees, rafting in the wild streams full of crocodiles, sleeping in tents and climbing steep mountains, not for money or fame, just for the pleasure of exploration and discovery.

    When asked why are you climbing Everest, one person said: "Because it is there"! Should we need any other compelling reason, a purpose to engage ourselves in such activities. Men are pushed from within to dream explore and discover. For outsiders, for lazy onlookers, it may look foolhardy and weird to try to cross the Atlantic in a balloon.

    More than discovering America or a new species of plant or butterfly, it is....

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