This is an old adage. One author changed it: "Look twice before you leap". The natural corollary and a twin of the sagely advice is: Think before you act.

   Mostly, we act in haste and regret in leisure. Every action has its consequences. Before embarking on any act we have to consider the consequences of our actions. Not only the results but also the possibilities of our success.

    We may be ambitious; act with grit and determination; put all our energies behind it, but circumstances may change and even if we succeed, it may not bring us happiness.

    We have to consider all aspects and conduct some research about the environmental factors that may thwart our attempts. Sometimes a gut feeling, an instinctive and subconscious precaution or warning may alert us. We have to listen to these with respect.

   Governments carry out studies and have some pilot projects to know....

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