Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), is a renowned herb noted for its aromatic value since ages, cultivated across the temperate countries of the world. In India the plant is grown in the the Kashmir valleys of India.

    The Kashmiris prefer Lavender cultivation over other crops since it is a better option on rocky and gravelly lands. The gestation period is only three years in lavender against the tree crops which have a gestation period of more than 10-15 years. Also the lavender crop is almost free from any pests and diseases.

    Lavender has a commercial value and great demand in the cosmetics market. Small scale industry for the manufacture, processing and packaging of lavender has become lucrative over the years. Kashmir can safely produce at least 200 – 300 tonnes of lavender oil valued at Rs. 90 - 135 Crore annually, sufficient enough to meet the domestic needs of our country.


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