I came across this word recently. It means the "urge in us to always seek a better –elsewhere, whether that is a different job, partner or continent".

   Man is always discontented with his present status in life. There is dissatisfaction. He dreams of moving away, living elsewhere, as someone else, in some more favourable situation, living a happier life. He thinks he deserves better things in life. He is unhappy always. "If only...." is his constant refrain.

     The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Once we cross over, we find the place we left was better. We are virtually chasing mirages or trying to reach the horizon, so near, so tempting, so alluring from the distance, yet far away and unreachable.

Not satisfied with the present

    This is also the basis for man's progress. From a nomadic life, he started settling down,....

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