Dengue is a well-known mosquito-borne viral disease that affects almost 50 million people across the world every year. Because of the complexity of the disease and multiple clinical manifestations, approximately 500,000 infected people from this population require hospitalisation, thus increasing the socioeconomic burden, especially in areas which are endemic to dengue. As per the current records, the city of Kolkata, has registered 2800 dengue cases from January to October in 2022. There has been a recorded rise in densely populated cities across India.

Dengue is a systemic viral infection that is transmitted among humans through an arthropod vector Aedes mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti is the primary vector belonging to this group). These mosquitoes have a high affinity to human blood and can breed in and around houses in regular water containers or disposed water-holding vessels. They are predominantly active during the daytime, posing difficulties in controlling these....

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