Meet Raina Jain, who is on a mission to help save the bees. Jain is the inventor of HiveGuard, a 3D-printed beehive entrance-way coated in a pesticide that kills varroa mites, which are a primary cause of honeybee deaths worldwide. As bees pass through the passageway, the pesticide coats their bodies, which ultimately kills the mites, but leaves the bees unharmed.

Jain won an Intel science award in environmental engineering for her novel invention. She has now also started a honey-based health food company called Queen Bee, which also focuses on supporting bee populations.

Raina walked amongst the vivid green of the bee farm she was visiting. Entranced by the beauty of the space, she followed the beekeeper to the hives, and what she saw shocked her. Bees, thousands of them, being tossed out of the hive lifeless into a pile of an entire dead colony. What these beekeepers called a regular clean out left a pit inside of her stomach.

That one pivotal....

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