The lovely village of Hampi is located 12 kms from Hospet, on the southern banks of Tungabhadra in the Vijayanagara District of Karnataka. It was the capital of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire founded by Harihara and Bukka. The empire lasted in the region from 1336 AD till 1686 AD, although its power had started declining after the Battle of Talikota in 1565 AD.

The Vijayanagara Kings showcased their immense might in the grandiose monuments they built at their capital Hampi. The empire touched its peak of glory during the reign of Krishna Devaraya. He adorned Hampi with a glittering series of palaces, forts, ramparts, temples, idols, watch towers, water tanks, markets, royal platforms, treasury buildings…the list is endless. Hampi is a place where every monument tells a tale and every stone sings a song of yore.

The monuments and ruins of Hampi are spread over an area of more than 25 square kilometers, and constitute a vast open museum of art, history,....

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