Recently I had a mini-miserable experience. We went to an interior village for a function and everybody left in their cars, leaving us to fend for ourselves. With great difficulty, we reached home.

While we moved from place to place, waited for long times, were drenched in rain, and walked long distances, we were anxious and scared; there was pain, weariness, disappointment, anger and helplessness.

But the next day, after a night’s rest, it was business as usual. The events of the previous day faded from memory like a dream. When new problems arise, the old ones lose their sharp edges. They do not hurt us anymore. The memories remained, but the intensity had gone.

Our fear, anxiety and depression were unnecessary and meaningless and we laughed at our own follies. We learned a lesson and with that, there was no remorse or ill will. “And once the storm was over, you won’t remember how you got through it, how you managed to....

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