Lord Baden Powell was the man who over a century ago started the scouts and guides movement. Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, in full Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, was born in London on February 22, 1857. He was originally a British army officer and also served in India. He became a national hero for his 217-day defense of Mafeking (now Mafikeng) in the South African War of 1899–1902. He later became famous as founder in 1908 of the Boy Scouts and as co-founder in 1910 of a parallel organization for girls, the Girl Guides.

He retired from the army in 1910 to devote all his time to the Boy Scouts, and in the same year, he and his sister, Agnes Baden-Powell (1858–1945) founded the Girl Guides. His wife, Olave, Lady Baden-Powell (1889– 1977), also did much to promote the Girl Guides.

Scouting started in India in the year 1909, when Captain T.H.Baker established the first Scout Troop in Bangalore and got it registered with....

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