Nothing quite matches the love we have for our food. Which brought us the most popular quote on food from George Bernard Shaw that ‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food.’

We shall always remain grateful to food that sustains us. And it tastes delicious. What is not to like, then? Food also brings people together. It joins us as family and friends. And the warmth of festival meals is unmistakable.

Come to think of it, then. Fascinated by food in all its variety, French artist Ms. Enora Lalet uses food for her art.

A food visual artist and and anthropologist, Enora creates art with food by dressing up people by using elements of their gastronomy, thus making real portraits with food.

Thus, she would dress up a man’s head with organic red colour atop a bun stacked with cottage cheese. Also, dressing up a girl by spreading green chutney on her face while placing chutney packets on hair to go with paneer and chapati....

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