When we think about the bones in our body, we mostly think in terms of fractures because that is the most common thing that we come across in normal life. Hence, few people are able to appreciate that bone is living and not inert like a glass rod since they can only think that bones can get broken when we fall and the applied plaster fixes it. But it isn’t so simple. Plaster merely keeps the broken fragments properly aligned and reduces pain by providing rest. It is the body that heals the fracture through its own healing process.

In addition to trauma, we will see that bones are subjected to infection, metabolic disorders, nutritional disorders, trauma, congenital disorders, and malignancy, of which let us take a glimpse. But before that, let us know very little about bone anatomy to appreciate what we are about to discuss. In a long bone, there is a thick outside layer of compact bone and an inner medullary cavity containing the bone marrow.


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