T he growing inclination of generations in India today towards western foods like pizza, burgers and fries comes with its attendant health hazards. Add to it extra sugar, fried snacks loaded with starch, refined carbohydrates and loaves of bread.

In order to wean the youth off unhealthy food habits, an NGO in Ahmedabad dedicated to sustainable development has been organising food festivals for over 20 years. Citizens of Ahmedabad look forward to this food carnival expectantly every winter.

This year was the 22nd edition of the five-day food fest called Sattvik. It is organised every year by SRISTI, (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions), the development organisation.

Held in December every year, it brings lesser known grains, forgotten traditional healthy recipes, vegetables and minor millets from undeveloped areas to the urban populace. People wait for the winter to soak in the spirit of this food festival....

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