Disability is Ability

Disability is Ability

Disability is Ability

Just the other day, I was crossing the road to catch the mini bus when I saw some beggars sitting outside the famous sweet shop , “Palawan’s” at my home town Jammu. The vision was a bit disturbing and they were the people who were disabled with different qualities. Seeing them struggle for survival disturbed me.

I say this because I too relate with a disease called “Dyslexia” – a learning disorder which I suffered during my school days. But this disease did not stop me from doing anything hard.<\p>

A friend of mine suffers from Macrocephaly due to hydrocephalus in brain. During her adolescent age she was treated as a very delicate child. But these things hurt her within and made her fight to live a normal life. Now she is working with an IT company in Bangalore. To people who didn’t know her well, she looked like any other person out there - a brightand talented young woman in her thirties now. She said when people learn about her problem, they are shocked and look at her with different perspective.

The troubles we face in life are challenging. But we do not see ourselves being limited by our disabilities. Instead, we have different abilities that play important roles within our communities and work environments. Though people doubt our abilities, we often prove them wrong about our capabilities.

There are people who doubt my abilities. However, with positive thought I take these negative vibes into motivation and move ahead in life. I applied my motivation during a short trip to Pune Command Hospital in the year 2006; I came across a pamphlet in which famous personalities changed my outlook on life completely.

There are so many disabled persons contributing to society to change the world. So many scientists, actors, leaders… the list goes on. They are fighting with disability and have overcome it at each and every moment they fight.

1) Socrates - who had the Macrocephaly issue - he was the father of philosophy.

2) Tennyson and Coleridge - the famous poets of William Wordsworth era had suffered Alzheimer’s, a memory loss issue that lasted for a short period of time.

3) Albert Einstein - He was a great physicist. He expounded the theory of relativity for which he was awarded Nobel Prize. Einstein had learning disability and also physical disability.

4) Thomas Alva Edison - He is one of the great scientists who invented the electric bulb. We cannot now imagine a world without bulbs. Edison also invented phonograph and numerous other things. He had physical disability.

5) Walter Elias Disney - The Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse are gifts from Walt Disney. He has also created a park called Disney land. He had learning disability.

Disability is natural. Sometimes there are critical problems when a child is growing in the mother’s womb. It is not the child’s fault. We have to accept it. It may be called good luck or bad luck depending upon our thinking. On the third of December, the world celebrates disability day. In my opinion, it should be differently abled instead of disabled. The Pune episode, brought a spark of “I can do it” in me.

By Henna Kaushal

Edition: 15 May, 2016 - 14 June, 2016

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