Egg fruit An exotic delicacy

by R J Anish

Pouteria campechiana commonly known as the canistel or yellow sapota is an evergreen tree belonging to Pouteria genus and “Sapotaceae” family. Canistel is well known as “Egg fruit” because of its textural appearances similar to a cooked egg yolk during ripening. This exotic fruit originated from Central and Southern North America, especially Mexico and Guatemala regions. Egg fruit is also familiar in Asian countries and is commercially cultivated in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. The scientific name of canistel, Pouteria campechiana, is derived from Campeche, a state in southern Mexico where the tree is found in abundance.

The fruit looks like a typical berry with pointed apex and its shape varies from round, pointed oval or spindle. Canistel tree possesses glowing green waxy skinned fruit, on ripening the colour of the fruit changes from lemon yellow to golden orange. The large polished black or dark brown....

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