Vedantam Sadasiva Murthy –Turning tragedy into love for society

by Gyanvitaranam

Every human being has to face certain destiny-driven challenges in his life. These challenges turn into obstacles and miseries only when we bow to them. This is the strong belief of “The Pride of India” honoured Vedantam Sadasiva Murthy

Even after an accident impacted on his physical mobility, nothing could stop him from achieving his goals. He uses his exemplary innovative skills to design user-friendly, costeffective artificial limbs and rehabilitate physically challenged people with a good quality of life.

Sadasiva hails from a small village in Andhra Pradesh called Abbirajupalem. He completed his graduation in Arts and holds a Diploma in Automobile Engineering. Like any ordinary youth, his life was moving smooth with all the happiness around him until he was 25 years old, when destiny gave a harsh blow to him.

In 1981, he was getting down from a train which had just started to move. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and fell down. He....

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