The walhalla of technology induced career options in the 21st century

by Shreeprakash Sharma

Unlike rest of her friends, no sooner did Aditi pass her plus two examinations from one of the prestigious schools of her metropolitan home city, than the critical question of choosing a lucrative and promising career started to haunt her. However, her parents did not press her for their own choice. They gave her absolute freedom to rationally move ahead with the course of her choice and calibre. Finding herself at the steering wheel position, she decided to go for B.Tech in computer science from a pretty good college. After the completion of the B.Tech, she went for specialization in software, programming language and multi-media. On the eve of the course, one of the key foreign placement agencies hired her for the post of Manager of Human Resources with beautiful pay package and lucrative perks. The responsibilities she was shouldered with included, among others, providing training to the newly- recruited graduates to develop different apps and programs for the computer and other multi-media. When her friends came to know of Aditi’s nature of the job, they all were very amazed.

In fact, Aditi is not the single girl who chose her career — besides a score of traditional career avenues – which was purely based on the technological breakthrough and scientific miracles. The amazing speed with which the growth trajectory of the advancement in the segment of the technology is marching ahead is seeded with the potential of changing the nature of employment opportunities and career options in the decades that are in offing.

The miracles of the information technology-induced-internet-age have brought a flurry of unbelievable changes in the lifestyle of mankind on the earth planet over the past decade and as a result of these metamorphoses, the contours of cultures, cuisine and various other cults of mankind too have drastically changed.

Following are the career options which are on the threshold of bringing about epoch-making changes in the lives and nature of the Homo sapiens in the years to come of the 21st century:

1. Careers in-app developer and programming

With the advent of smartphones, the craze of the speed in running the multi-media and the internet has caught the fancy of the young generation. Unlike other mobiles, these android phones do not have a hardware keyboard. With high resolution-camera and multi-touch interface screen, these phones have an automatic Wi-Fi connection which has brought unbelievable changes to the world of mobiles and networking communication. As a result, thousands of apps are available for the users in the play store, window store and other stores of the Apple mobiles. As per the latest survey, presently there are more than 16,000 apps which are being widely used by the customers. The fast-rising demand for the latest apps has opened a number of job opportunities for professionals who are experts in the technology of apps development and programming.

2. Social media manager

Presently social media is considered as one of the significant platforms of communication and business activities. Consequently, the world now has been transformed into a global village. The tools of social media like those of Facebook, WhatsApp, blogging, twitter and a few others have reinforced and revived the socio-familial connection and also boosted the business turnover. They have also brought a record surge in the promotion and transactions of goods and services across the economies in the world.

Right from the big corporate houses to startup enterprises, almost all the segments of the global economy are using various tools of social media to vie with their competitors and face any untoward outcomes in the cutthroat competition of the 21st century age. An array of job opportunities are open and even more likely to be generated for the professionals with qualifications in computer and internet and long experiences therein.

3. Millennium generation experts

The term millennium generation refers to those people who were born post1980s and amid the digital technology revolution and mass media miracles. These people are also called the people of the Y generation. But in this context, the millennium generation implies those experts and professionals who perform as a guide or counsellor for the companies and enterprises. These professionals guide the board of directors and the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and think tank of the companies about how to increase both their sales and the profit. These experts use different indices and parameters derived from the analysis and interpretation of various vital data and close study of the behaviour and interpersonal relationship between the labour and the owners of the companies. Hence the professionals interested in data analysis and equipped with degree and diploma in computer science or information technology can look forward to getting an avalanche of job opportunities in this leading-edge segment of the employment market.

4. Cloud computing service provider

Cloud computing is the latest technique in the area of information technology by the virtue of which internet services have been made more accessible to users across the nations in the world. It is currently working as an important resource provider to the various business houses and enterprises as well as the various users of internet services. That is why cloud computing technology is called as the metaphor of the computer. In fact, the term cloud here means such sort of internet services which help get information from cellphones, laptops or desktop located from far off the distances from the user. That is why the term cloud computing means the technology of providing IT services like those of servers, software, hardware, data storage and various applications to an individual’s or to an organization’s computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones or other devices through internet or web. The entire infrastructures for the accessibility of the various computing services are managed and owned by the cloud computing owner and not by the cloud customer.

Careers in cloud computing

With the fast development of the information technology, the career in cloud computing is also experiencing an unprecedented boom.

Following are the segments which will witness an amazing boom in the availability of new employment opportunities in the years to come.

Enterprise Cloud Architect: This is the latest position of job which is likely to be created and whose task will focus on feeling the pulse of the markets dealing in the delivery of infrastructure and making the cloud computing resources accessible to the various strata of consumers.

Technicians: When cloud computing would get vast exposure even in the small towns and cities there will naturally be a considerable surge in the demand for the various types of technicians and engineers.

Marketing or Sales executives: With the fast growth of cloud computing there will also be the beginning of the opening of customer care centres which will, in return, accelerate the recruitment of the people in various positions.

Banking: Use of clouds for the maintenance and storage of various types of data will also increase job opportunities.

Retail: In the present fast-moving consumer goods market of the globalized world cloud computing can create huge jobs in the segment of online shopping, marketing research and distribution.

Education and Research: Education has now become global. New job opportunities in the segment of online tuition, class management, preparation of study materials are likely to occur so fast.

Media: Job opportunities are likely to increase in the areas of content writing, data analysis, product marketing and advertisement.

Health Care: This sector is pretty much dynamic because of the fast increasing technology and much-needed development in the research. A number of job opportunities are likely to be created in the medicine, staff management, research, cosmetic and nutritional products marketing.

Government sector: The government sector will require new positions in the areas of defence, industries, infrastructure, communication, transport, hotel and restaurants and many others when cloud computing would be used at large scale in the decades to come.

Entertainment sector: An avalanche of new jobs are likely to be generated in the choreography, cinematography, site selection, photography, screenplay writing, dubbing, music and dance, acting and many other segments of the cinemas and television in the years to come.

5. User experience design

The fast-growing technologies of the 21st century age have also made the web sites and web applications are complicated to use. The development and application of websites are not one-way traffic. The websites launching companies are now very much concerned about the feedback of the users. They want to know how much a particular website is useful for users. They also want to know the utility level of the various websites and their applications. Many professionals work to get the feedbacks of the customers and the process is called as User Experience Design (UEX).

The User Experience Design professionals consistently stay in contact with the user of the various websites, applications and software and from them get the essential feedback to make much-needed corrections in them to make them more user-friendly and useful. The term User Experience was coined by Dr Donald Norman who intended to make the websites and their applications user-centric. This is the latest avenue of career market and which is full of possibilities of jobs. Any professional having a degree and a diploma in computer science and with the skill in programming language and photoshop can prove to be an ideal candidate to get the jobs in this sector of career seeded with very handsome pay packages.

6. Nanotechnologist

You must have seen the old-age television, camera, watches, desktop and various other electronic equipment and devices of very abnormal sizes with their parts protruding outside. But due to the latest information technology innovation and scientific breakthrough, the sizes of devices and gazettes have undergone drastic changes. With the passage of time, all these equipment are getting smaller and smaller every day. This miracle has become possible due to what we all call as the nanotechnology. For the reparation of this extraordinary smaller equipment and gazettes, we need special technicians who are called as nano technicians. These technicians work on the molecular level and repair the equipment very perfectly. For the job opportunities in nanotechnology, an aspiring candidate requires the degrees in organic chemistry with specialization in molecular biology and microfabrication.

7. Stem cell research

The practical application of stem research cell is made for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other spinal cord injuries. However, the use of stem cells has sparked a row in the medical science yet its vital role in curing some critical diseases cannot be undermined. There is no denying the fact that in the coming years this area of uber scientific advancements will create huge job opportunities which can prove to be a lucrative and bright career option.

8. Waste management consultant

All the scientific advancements and technological innovations have also their flip side and this is eating into the accelerated growth rate, especially of the European developed nations. The ‘E-Waste’, electronic waste, is proving the latest environmental crisis of the modern age. Even the developing nations are also falling vulnerable to the problem of what we may call waste management. If the e-waste is not properly disposed of then the lead and other hazardous chemicals in it may prove to be fatal for the health of the human beings. For the fast disposal of these e-wastes, we require the qualified youths with the master in biology and chemistry as well as professional degrees in garbage disposal management.

9. Virtual reality

This is yet another latest technology which has the potential to change the way we look at the world and the manner we live our lives. It is the technology of experiencing the halo of things, which do not exist in reality, through internet-equipped computers. For example with the technology of virtual reality, one can find oneself to be immersed in the things which we watch on the screen on the television.

Given the versatility of this advanced technology, the least we can expect is that it is poised to create an array of job opportunities in the upcoming decades, especially in the segments of health, education, aviation, real estate, games and entertainment, film and fashion and a lot of others which even the scientists are not yet very much clear and confident about.

They say that technology is the engine of development of a nation. The 21st century - India is on the cusp of leading the nations across the world in the technological advancement and holistic development very shortly in the decades to come.

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