Event management in marriages

by Gyanvitaranam

    They say that marriages are made in heavens. But have you ever thought who consummates this most-sacred, most-awaited, most-blessed, most-wished and most-intimate relationship of marriage? Earlier, all the pre and post-nuptial preparations used to be performed by the family members and the society as a whole but with the fragmentation of joint family system and emergence of nuclear family life style, the entire essential marital logistics are performed by a host of degree and diploma holders, professionals and business-schooltrained suave graduates.

    From the booking of marriage venue to the selection of menu and from decoration to an array of shopping activities, professionals carry through a whole gamut of responsibilities surprisingly in such a perfect manner that people usually do not easily believe.

    Here are given various domains of marriage celebrations in which prospective aspirants can groom their career for....

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