N.D. JOSE: The forgotten fiery freedom fighter from South India

by Gyanvitaranam

The year 2022 marks the centenary of the late N.D. Jose, a brilliant student and youth leader of Travancore, a bold freedom fighter, a socialist ideologue, an outstanding orator who could make the audience listen, reflect and act and an able legislator is known for his debating ability, a budding Trade Union leader and, later, a successful lawyer – above all a deep humanist who respected and loved people.

Born in 1922 in a family which valued education, Jose’s father late D. Nesamony who hailed from a small village, Senamvilai in the present Kanyakumari district was able to complete his B.L. degree 110 years ago. His mother Smt. Annie belonged to the well-known Panaikkavilai family of Neyyattinkara.

Jose was a brilliant student and student leader. He joined the Madras Christian College for his graduation where he was attracted to student politics through the Students Federation.

During the Quit India Movement, he opposed the People’s....

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