Man and the Machine

by Gyanvitaranam

Man over the last few decades has evolved into a machine. It is true to say that machines have taken over man’s work and it has freed him from the monotony, to enable to spend his time and energy in finer intellectual, scientific, artistic and humanitarian pursuits.

Technology has given him more leisure, provided more opportunities, opened more avenues to reach higher goals in life. Labour saving devices have saved him from lifting or moving heavy loads. Robots have replaced workers in many areas.

But on the other hand, man himself has become a robot with a conscience. He is superior to the machine no doubt. He builds machines to serve him, to take over the monotony. Some even predicted that man will evolve into a Super Man or God. But the term Superman itself is very much abused that it is no more a higher level of consciousness and growth.

I am an octogenarian meddling with electronic gadgets not meant for me or designed for people like me. The....

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