Richard Feynman

by Gyanvitaranam

  The man who completely destroyed the stereotype – scientists are ‘nerds’, brilliant but absent minded and obsessed with their works, unfashionably dressed and often socially awkward – was Richard Feynman, the shy brilliant high school student, who as an adult learnt to play bongos, went on to become a good dancer and witty conversationalist.

Post mid-1960s Feynman bored with physics mastered the basis of working in a biology laboratory, and learned how to count virus and examined them for mutation.

  Richard Feynman the eccentric genius was born on May 11, 1918 in Queen, New York City to Lucille Phillips and Melville Arthur Feynman. The young Feynman was heavily influenced by his father who not only tried teaching the kid at every opportunity, but also encouraged him to ask questions to challenge orthodox thinking. His father very early on instilled in him the understanding ‘how interesting the world is? The benefit of....

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