East or west, San Francisco is the best!

by Gyanvitaranam

   We undertook a three-day tour from Los Angeles to San Francisco covering 615 km by bus at $258. The first stop was Solvang.


   It is a Danish city, founded in 1911 but now has only 10 per cent Danish population. It is home to a number of bakeries like in Denmark. The architecture reflects traditional Danish style.

San Francisco

   We travelled in a Cable car, an icon of San Francisco. It is the world’s last manually operated cable car. Out of 23 lines established in 1869, only three remain. Despite the high cost of maintenance and embezzlement of a few conductors, it is continuing operation due to public patronage. However, in 2017, it could earn $30 million since the single ride fare of 15 cents in 1960 was increased periodically to $6 in 2012.

    We walked down Lombard Street famed for steepness with eight hairpin turns and gardens, claimed to be the “the crookedest....

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