Age is just a state of mind

by Kushboo Sharma Kaushik

Life is short. Nobody is born young nor would everyone die at old age only. However, ‘age is just a state of mind’. Do you know why? Because, you can still travel the world with a health problem if you feel you can do it and you can simply stop working on your dreams, in your relationships, at work or at home being in your twenties simply because you think you have tried enough. When we say, ‘life is short’, we literally mean that you must comprehend that you have limited time to be with people you love, work on your dreams with all spirits high and travel the world in every condition you think you are. Life is all about your perspective. What your perspective towards life primarily decides what your future is going to be.

While in your young age, you must know the significance of this age and how you can make the most of life, which is full of abundance, joy and new opportunities every day to relive something, change your today for the better and....

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