Tips on how you can become globally competent in this connected world

by Gyanvitaranam

     How can you become globally competent and get the relevant skills and knowledge, and how can your educational institutions help? You can train yourself to become globally competent so that you can fit in wherever you go on the planet!

   We are living in a global, collaborative world now where we are connected thanks to technology and internet. More and more jobs require collaboration with international colleagues or clients. And many of the issues that affect our daily lives are impacted by events or trends in other countries. Students need to get the exposure they need to understand and navigate a tumultuous world. Students need to be connected for global collaboration and co-creation if we want to prepare them for the future.

     Contemporary societies are marked by new global trends— economic, cultural, technological and environmental shifts that are part of a rapid and uneven wave of globalization. The....

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