A majority of students use smartphones to study online

by Gyanvitaranam

     Nearly 79 per cent students use smartphones to study online, as per ‘India Lockdown Learning’ report by ‘Vidyasaarathi’, one of the largest scholarship management portals in India, promoted by NSDL e-Governance.

    The report goes on to state that only 17 per cent of students attend their online classes using laptops and computers and rest four per cent students attend it through media like tablets. ‘Vidyasaarathi’s report is based on a nationwide survey conducted by collecting data from over 10,000 students across 400 cities to understand the transformation happening in the educational eco-system.

    The survey indicates how students are adopting e-learning which is becoming the norm and the challenges they face in the transition. The report that provides unique insights and perspectives on the e-learning scenario in India further finds that WhatsApp and Zoom Calls to be the most....

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