Break Free from Tradition: It’s Time to Explore Diverse Career Paths

by Gyanvitaranam

  In the bustling lanes of India’s educational landscape, two professions have long reigned supreme: engineering and medicine. For decades, these career choices have held an almost mythical status, shaping the dreams and aspirations of countless students. However, times are changing, and the once unbreakable grip of tradition is loosening as students venture into a world of unique and unconventional career paths.

  But why have engineering and medicine been predominant? And how can those students who have other interests and an aptitude for unique skills break free from these traditional choices, and explore the exciting alternatives that await? Read on to find out.

The grand old choices

  The fascination with engineering and medicine can be traced back to several factors. Societal perceptions of success, financial security and prestige have often been intertwined with these professions. The ‘doctor’ or....

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