Drops of Hope Meet Nimal Raghavan: The Unstoppable Engineer who restored 142 lakes in India!

by Gyanvitaranam

  The Kenikarai lake in Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram district has been dry for 15 years. But now, villagers are celebrating. The lake is going to be filled up again. Nimal Raghavan made it his mission to rejuvenate Tamil Nadu’s lakes. It’s almost like a page from Shah Rukh Khan starrer Swades.

  “The Kenikarai lake is dry, the region has saltwater intrusion. Once the restoration is done in the next two years, the entire problem here will be solved,” he said confidently. He has a track record of having rejuvenated 142 lakes across India, he said.

  Nimal Raghavan also wants to raise a forest by creating artificial andfills around the restored lakes. The dug-out mud is used to make thick boundaries for the lake, creating an artificial lake island.

The Kenikarai lake restoration project

  The Kenikarai lake, which is spread across eight acres, had been a part of the villagers’ life for....

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