A Sparkling Career in Gemmology

by Gyanvitaranam

Be it a beautiful ring, a beloved or a bold earring or a statement necklace that makes heads turn, a beautiful piece of jewellery has always had a way of capturing your attention. The allure of gems and jewellery is such that an entire Marvel series was based on the quest to acquire them. Apart from being known for its sparkle, gems and jewellery is also a top contributor to the country’s GDP (6-7 per cent). It also employs over five million people. So, if you are a gem or jewellery enthusiast, a career in gemmology is worth exploring.

But like any other industry, the first step to success in the gem and jewellery sector is professional knowledge and an in-depth understanding of gemstones. Many educational institutes in the country offer long-term and short-term duration courses in gemmology. However, the key to finding the right course lies in selecting an educational institute that offers globally-accredited courses.

Picking the right Gemmology....

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