The Art of Listening

by Gyanvitaranam

Most people think that to become a good communicator they have to focus on becoming great speakers, but listening is just as important as speaking in the communication process. Whether you are dealing with coworkers, managers, or clients, being a good speaker and a great listener are crucial workplace skills. Our ability to listen properly can give us insight into the rationale behind decisions and a better understanding of what the speaker is trying to accomplish.

Yet being a good listener isn’t always easy. Studies have shown that the average person can only remember 50 per cent of what they’ve heard straight after they’ve heard it. Another study has shown that only 10 per cent of the initial message communicated is retained after three days. The reason for these shocking stats is that most of us think of listening as a passive process that requires no effort.

Benefits of Listening

Listening isn’t a skill; it is a....

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