Ten reasons why you should start practising an art

by Surya Gopal

Have you ever considered ‘Art’ as an opportunity granted to breathe in life to something original from within yourself? How do you think the idea of sharing that piece of art with the world ‘simply for your happiness’ would make you feel?

I know, you might be someone who wants to be an Engineer or one who dreams to be a doctor, an IAS officer or an Entrepreneur. Or someone like me who used to make the statement “I am not creative.” You might not be interested to delve deeper into art.

But try going through these 10 points. Actually, you have to, because the ability to make art, whether music, painting, acting – it doesn’t matter what kind, is present in everyone. Art is a human trait. We are hard-wired for creativity and don’t you think we should make good use of it. I will start off with the lesson I had learnt after trying writing.

The words “I am not creative” has one....

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