Breast Cancer The Silent Epidemic

by Gyanvitaranam

If we go to a remote village or a tribal belt, we come across women breastfeeding kids in public. This was normal for our society in the past, but not now. What was considered in the past as part of normal human anatomy, began to be associated with sexuality because of foreign influences. Hence, any discussion of breasts became taboo. With it came the tendency to hide any problem related to the breast. So, a lady seeks medical intervention too late if it involves her breast. Therefore, cases of breast cancer present only after an undue delay.

Cancer is not the only condition that can affect the breast. All breast conditions are not cancer and there is no need to panic. There are many other conditions of which we may have a glimpse. This is to make ourselves aware that we should seek medical assistance without delay instead of feeling shy or becoming afraid. Breast conditions may present with a lump, in which case we should enquire about its mode of onset, duration,....

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