Depression the way out

by Gaurav Goswami

The depression paradox–people who have a tendency to feel lonely and if they know of their tendency to feel lonely, then they should make a plan ahead of time to hang out with family or friends. But therein lies the problem ‘as one gets stressed in making plans, so one doesn’t make a plan, and stay lonely.’ These two circuits feed off each other and eventually get out of control. Fear not. This article provides some simple activities that can restrict the pattern of depression.

The human brain is full of intricate, interacting neural circuits i.e. there are various circuits, like a worrying circuit, a decision making circuit, a pain circuit etc. The essential part is that we all have got the same circuits, but in the dices of depression – a pattern of activity arises from the interaction of all these circuits when everything feels difficult and pointless. Fortunately, for most people, it is a fleeting....

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