Women's Empowerment: Let’s Play Real!

by Gyanvitaranam

These days, my social media accounts are bombarded with images, texts and videos of women’s day celebrations. Every other person is celebrating it by sharing their emotions about women. It’s a good thing, but do we really mean it?

Is a simple post about women’s contributions or roles in our lives sufficient? Don’t you think we are taking it too far? Is this enough to sponsor the so-called women’s empowerment movement, about which almost everybody talked much and thought less?

I know, I might sound a little rude, but what to say? That’s the truth of society. Most of us are playing a dual-personality game, sharing something on the digital plane while holding back something inside our heads. I don’t know whether you had experience or not. But in your family also, you might have seen such people who keep taunting or throwing errands on the woman of the house, but when they are in public, they talk about giving them an equal....

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