Thinking a skilled work

by Gaurav Goswami

‘Thinking’ is one of our most important features: in fact there is nothing we do that doesn’t involve thinking. It tells us what to believe/ reject, what is important/unimportant, what is true/false, who are our friends/foes, and it even guides us to who we may marry. In simple terms it can be said ‘from everything we know, want, fear, love, desire, etc., all stems from our thinking patterns.’

An erroneous view 

Many people wrongly believe that we are naturally endowed with the ability to think clearly, in fact, the actual truth is that without learning and practising the how, why, what, when, where and who of thinking we are quite incapable of elevating our thinking.

Half-hearted knowledge 

It is believed that we express our thinking with the help of words: we talk; converse among ourselves, give speeches, present seminars, etc., we write letters, emails, reports, etc., but these are broad....

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