Craze for Chinese PUBG continues among youth

by Gyanvitaranam

     With the Central Government banning over 200 Chinese apps, including “Tik Tok” and a mobile version of Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG), since they pose a threat to sovereignty and security of India, some alternatives to the banned apps are available, but the youth are yet to reconcile with the change.

    Milind Damle, a Mumbai student said that “Ever since PUBG has been banned, we have stopped playing games. But we are hopeful that the PUBG will revive the situation by taking the responsibility of publishing on itself within India, instead of depending upon the Chinese firm “Tencent Games”. Some of my colleagues are playing games on the apps like “ The Call of Duty Mobile”, which although owned by the “Tencent Games”, the users can play the game on Android and iOS”.

   Vikrant Sharma, employed in a private firm said that “Most of the boys in....

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