Scientist turned educationalist 2020 Humanitarian Award

by Gyanvitaranam


Tell us about your journey

   I was born in a Podaturpet near Tiruttani in Tamil Nadu. After finishing my schooling, I came to Chennai for college. Subsequently, I worked in research and development for 15 years for a private firm. However, deep down I always wanted to share my research experience with youngsters through teaching. So, I joined Nano Science and Technology in Anna University. Now, I work in the Department of Ceramic Technology.

Who inspired you to become who you are today?

   My father had a huge influence on me. It’s because of him I became a teacher. For a man who has come from a village, his achievements are as big as his aspirations. He was spiritually-inclined which gave him discipline, which I eventually got too.

What is your advice for youths who want to become scientists?

  For students who aspire to become a scientist, first increase your thinking capacity.....

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