Banana Pseudostem

by Gyanvitaranam

  Banana is one of the most important fruit crops grown in India. However, not much attention has been focused on the effective utilisation of its pseudostem, leaves, suckers, etc. But there exists a vast potential of extracting fibres from the pseudostem.

  Botanically a part of the Musa genus, banana stems are found within the upright, central support structure of the banana plant, belonging to the Musaceae family. Despite their name, Banana stems are not true stems but are a type of pseudostem comprised of overlapping leaf sheaths.

Value addition of Banana P seudostem

  There is a good scope of profitable use of this pseudostem fibre in textile and paper industries on a commercial scale. The major uses of this fibre are in making specialised and high-quality sanitary products such as baby pampers, textiles, and papers such as banknotes. The pseudostem fibre can also be used for making ropes, such as marine rope, since this fibre has....

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