Sivananda in The ‘Ananda Loka’ of Agriculture

by Gyanvitaranam

Fully opened paddy leaves with boundaries of coconut and arecanut trees, vast paddy fields with the embodiment of paddy, green beauty and shallow springs with crystal clear water to brush up the face of vast blue skies holding an umbrella to the paddy fields, Madhuvahini river flowing with filled pots to drive away the thurst of young sprouts and waterstreams…. There is no other occupation better than agriculture on this earth is the meaning of these lines.

Yes. The journey of our team in search of the State’s best farmer for 2021 ended up in this world of Paradise. To Puthige, a small village with its own panchayat administration, located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala,

Sivananda and his son-in-law are busy preparing the seedlings for the next season. The paddy saplings are getting ready with the accompaniment of folk-music sung by Akku and friends.

Today, rice planting is done in the paddy fields beside Madhuvahinipuzha. The....

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