The evolution of Hindustani classical music

by Smitha Mehta

History is rife with stories of foreigners from far-off who discovered India, traded and plundered its natural resources and wealth. Muhammad Ghori marched into India after defeating Rajput warrior king Prithviraj Chauhan in the second Battle of Tarain in AD 1192. Following which, many foreign Muslim invaders established their dynasties in India. This marked the formation of Delhi Sultanate, ruled by the Slave Dynasty from AD 1206 which ended with the beginning of Mughal rule from AD 1526-1857. The British East India Company started the conquest of India with the battle of Plassey in 1757 and continued to fight numerous battles over many more years for political power. In AD 1857 the British Government took over and India came under their direct rule. The British rule ended in 1947, ensued by a 200-year-long struggle for independence.

Cultural influence on Indian classical music

The 700-year Islamic rule over much of India, had a profound impact on the....

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