Whither are we marching?

by Kaushik Joshi

It’s a scary world today indeed. A few decades ago, growing up was not so traumatic. Earlier, children were afraid of only school homework. Today, even stepping out of their homes fills them with fear. How life has changed!

This zeitgeist has been captured vividly in the recent performance called V For… at Ahmedabad’s iconic and one of its kind amphitheatre Natarani portraying many shades of violence witnessed in the society today.

All performances at Natarani curated by internationally renowned danseuse Mallika Sarabhai are feasts of the senses. But this one V for… was indeed sweeping, stirring and heartrending.

In V for…, Mallika plays several characters that are responsible for violence in society. Portraying incidents that are universal in character including rapes, street violence, violence at homes, on the screens, videogames and violence that law allows as in the police force....

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