The Greta mystique

by Kaushik Joshi

She is the poster girl among the young ecocrusaders lending refreshing rigour to the global stir against climate change. The most recognized face of climate change activism, Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, 17, has a cult following among the young and the climate activists all over the world. Daughter of a mother, an opera singer and father an actor, Greta started off protesting outside the Swedish parliament pressing for immediate action to fight climate change when she was only 15. Protesting with the placard that read ‘School Strike for the Climate,’ she skipped school demanding action from the lawmakers.

Appealing to the leaders of the world, she wrote on her Facebook page – “Stop Emissions of greenhouse gases. And I want you to panic as it’s the most complex issue.” Students across the world have joined her school strike to support her while NGOs, activists and scientists have also joined the chorus of the young....

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