How to control anger

by Devika

Does your blood boil if someone cuts you off in traffic? Or do you fume if someone plays a prank on you? Getting angry is common, but if it escalates to a level where people start considering you ill-tempered, this article is for you. Here are eight proven anger management tips to control that you can apply right away.

Think before speaking

Words are like bullets; if fired, they never come back and leave a scar for the entire life. If you have anger issues, take a few seconds to think about what you are going to speak before spitting it out.

Express your anger after losing it

Anger is a universal emotion, and everyone gets angry. But it is essential to reveal your anger in a non-confrontational and a positive way. If you are mad at someone, calm yourself, think what wrong did they do, and then sincerely express your feelings without hurting anyone.


Exercise for anger management? Yes, it is helpful. Heavy physical exercise is a proven way to calm your anger as it helps you burn the extra energy accumulated in your body.


One of the primary reasons for anger is stress, and one of the primary reasons for stress is working continuously. Whatever work you do, it is essential to take short breaks to reset and rejuvenate your mind.

Look for Solutions

Instead of getting mad at something, try finding a solution to that problem. In most cases, small things like your child’s dirty room or your partner coming late at night trigger your mind and make you angry. Think from a calm mind, and you will find solutions.

Use “I”

If you are mad at someone, use “I” instead of you. For example, instead of saying, “why the hell did you abuse me?”, you can say, “Man, I was upset that you were so rude with me.”

Learn to forgive

Holding grudges is the reason for long-term anger. Learn to forgive people, clean your mind with negative thoughts, and fill it up with positivity.

Use humour

If you find yourself in a tense situation where getting angry or arrogant can worsen the condition, try using humor to ease out the tension. However, avoid sarcasm as it can make things worse.

Conclusion: Getting angry is a natural phenomenon, which every human being faces. However, it is essential to control anger because actions taken with an angry mindset can ruin your friendships, relationships and even professional life.

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