Auckland Master of Health Leadership International Student Scholarships

by Gyan Vitaranam

The University of Auckland announces the Master of Health Leadership International Student Scholarships in New Zealand. The award is open to all international students who are intending to enroll fulltime in a master’s programme in Medical and Health Sciences.

The main purpose of the award is to support students to develop leadership capabilities for the health sector and further their careers in health management, health care quality improvement, international health management and health leadership in their communities. Here is a great option to get a master’s degree in New Zealand with $15,000 towards tuition fees.

Established in 1883, the University of Auckland offers a wide range of postgraduate programmes, including doctorates, honours and master’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas and certificates. It is the country’s largest University with over 40,000 students and in which nearly 10,000 students graduate annually.


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